Out On The Shelf is managed by a group of volunteers. Our Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of individuals, all with varying skillsets and backgrounds that keep OOTS running smoothly.

amy Amy Ellard-Gray, Chair of the Board

PhD Student at the University of Guelph

Amy is a graduate student of Applied Social Psychology, studying prejudice and discrimination against the LGBTQ+ population, and allies as a mechanism for prejudice reduction. She has been involved in volunteer organizations for the LGBTQ+ community in Guelph since she arrived in this great city in 2007, and wants to give back to the community that made her feel so accepted and welcome (both the general Guelph community, and the LGBTQ+ community). Among facilitating CampOUT (UofG), Pride & Prejudice (OOTS & ARCH), and Out On The Trail (OOTS), this is Amy’s second year serving on the Board of Out On The Shelf.

Profile Photo Edward Reimer, Secretary and Vice-Chair

B.A. Student, Political Science and Criminal Justice and Public Policy – University of Guelph

Originally from out west, Edward is proud to call Guelph his adopted home. He is entering his second year as a mature student at the University of Guelph and is working towards completing a double major in Political Science and Criminal Justice and Public Policy. Edward has ambitions to pursue law school and eventually work in the public sector. He is excited to have joined Out on the Shelf in May 2016 and to contribute his time and energy with the organization to make our city an even more welcoming and inclusive community. As Secretary, Edward provides Out on the Shelf with proper documentation, internal communication and scheduling. As Vice Chair, he fills in for the Chair to facilitate board meetings when needed. In his spare time, Edward enjoys biking, hiking and cinema.

andrewAndrew S., Treasurer

As the treasurer of Out On The Shelf, Andrew manages our financial record keeping, cash flow, and budget development. He also keeps the board trained in the basics of finances for not-for-profits.

laura Laura Ilves, Library Co-Chair

B.A. Student, Sociology – University of Guelph

Laura is a BA student majoring in sociology at the University of Guelph. Prior to settling down in Guelph, she lived in various locations around Canada. Her interests include keeping up with current events throughout Canada and around the world, reading science fiction, and sailing. With a passion for social activism converging with her love of reading, Laura looks forward to serving Guelph’s LGBTQ+ community as OOTS library co-chair.

jesse Jesse Tetrault, Library Co-Chair

Jesse is currently in school for Library Technician and working full time.  Her passions include fitness and reading any classic sci-fi she can get her hands on.  Her hope is to contribute to the Out On the Shelf organization by (along with fellow library co-chair Laura) making the library a welcoming and resourceful place.

emma Emma (Yan) Wang, Marketing & Communications Chair

Emma enjoyed building her expertise in the marketing, communications and public affairs field for five years, working for news organizations, a fortune 500 multi-national company and diplomatic missions back home in Beijing. After moving to Canada with her family in late 2015, Emma felt pretty lucky to be able to share her experiences with OOTS, helping with the marketing committee and working with a group of wonderful volunteers. She looks forward to making further contribution to the organization during the time when she resides in Guelph.

page Page Wakarchuk, Programming Chair

This is Page’s fourth year living in Guelph after graduating from U of T in 2012. They have a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology but would like to build a career as a program director for youth programs (both community-based and athletics). Page is currently a supervisor in a retail environment where they are learning business management skills. They strive to live outdoors and enjoy art, science and building things. Page is the new programming chair for OOTS and is thrilled to be part of the OOTS team. They are very excited to build some new programs for the Guelph community and looks forward to meeting lots of great people.