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100 Queers Who Care – Fundraiser Program

OOTS is proud to be Guelph’s only LGBTQ+ resource center and community organization, and to be able to serve this city’s vibrant and dynamic community. In order to better meet the requests of our community, we want to grow! But that is where we need your help. OOTS recently relocated with 10 Carden (now 10C) just a hop, skip and a jump down the street to the gorgeous Acker’s building, and in order to continue to grow in our new home we need the support of our community.

In partnership with 10C, we have developed what we think will be the most fun fundraising campaign yet. Queue, 100 Queers Who Care. 100 people with $100 each have the chance to make a difference, and if there are 100s more? We don’t mind! Join the fun!

With a [tax-deductible] yearly membership of $100, you will be helping to support OOTS as we grow in our new home and have full-access to a series of events that we will be hosting throughout the year. We understand that the LBGTQ+ community here in Guelph wants more events, and we are going to give you just that, all 100+ of you. The events will be different each time; all carefully planned in partnership with 10C and with a focus on promoting local businesses and performers in a fun and social setting.

Memberships fees can be paid online by clicking here, in person at 10 C, or by mail to our new address 42 Carden St., Guelph ON, N1H 3A2. Please indicate that your donation is going towards 100 Queers Who Care.

We understand that the 100 Queers Who Care membership may not be feasible for some individuals, and we do want to see everyone there, so we ask that you reach out to us at outontheshelf.fundraising@gmail.com to be added to our “pay it forward list”. If you are interested in giving more than $100, the additional funds will be added to our “pay it forward pool” making it possible for others to participate.


Our first event, which happened October 17th,  was generously sponsored by Riot Axe and it was a BLAST!

Stay tuned for more information about our next event!

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